Common Sensing / Gocap - a 7+ year project supporting people using injectable medicine

With my co-founder Jamie, we raised $10M and built a 20 person team to create Gocap platform to support people using injectable medicine (insulin, fertility hormone, and human growth hormone).

Gocap provides an easy way to track time of dose and dose amount with plastic disposable injector pen, from which 100's of millions are manufactured each year. That information can be used to support doctors and other care providers in their jobs.

The core technology is a patented optical signature matching technology with machine learning and runs on an inexpensive optical device using off-the-shelf components.

The project is still being developed and integrated into projects run by three other major companies that acquired licenses and assets in 2019: Bigfoot BioMedical, Haselmeier, and an undisclosed pharmaceutical company.

Our Team!

One of the biggest joys and challenges of working at Common Sensing was building out an amazing team and work culture - here's a picture of our team from 2017!


Gocap Technology Licensed out to Haselmeier for their D-Flex platform for Clinical Trial Applications


Product images of the Gocap used for conference marketing

image-20221028202436002 image-20221028203233851

3D exploded view of the Gocap

A mechanical view of how the circuit boards and injection molded plastics come together.


iOS and Android Mobile Application

Created insulin and blood glucose logging apps on the app store and Google Play store.


Clinical Applications

Many iterations of clinical applications focused on getting patients the right prescription of insulin based on insulin and blood glucose data feedback. We ran dozens of user experience studies, an observational clinical study, and designed an interventional clinical trial.



Optical Mechanism

Uses infrared LEDs to shine light through the barrel of the injector pen to photodiode receivers on the other side. This is a raytracing cross section of the cap + pen system.


Fun Photos