BirdyBoard - an Open Source affordable, minimal, customizable DC motor controller with positional feedback

Birdyboard is a collaboration with Pragun Goyal to create a minimal alternative to the SmoothieBoard that can be used for generalized applications, not just 3D printing, and that uses magnetic encoders for positional feedback. Birdyboard is an Open Source project geared towards inventors and makers working on creative projects for community benefit, but also can be used to power new applications in medical.

As of right now, the design is complete and ready for initial testing!

PCB Layout and Schematic

A 10x10cm PCB Made using KiCad, an amazing free circuit design software that is also git compatible which has made it easy to collaborate with Pragun. It's fun laying out tracks, and in 2022, a small run of PCB boards only costs $5. This project is still in early stages, but more to come soon. Here are some pictures of the design and layout.



Electronics Requirements