Exploring the Nature of Consciousness

In 2019, I decided to take my life in a direction of self-inquiry. With my partner Rebeccah, I started training in practices that explore the non-dual nature of consciousness. These practices have helped me reevaluate my definitions of health after working in the US healthcare system. After hundreds of hours of practitioner training and supporting clients in experiencing health, I have opened up a small practice for those with a curious intellect.

For me, health is taking responsibility for my life by becoming aware of the warring ideas and dogma passed down to me despite my own doing. Health is allowing life to unfold naturally by stepping behind assumptions that have helped me cope with the intensity of life for so many years.

These practices cover the body, mind and beyond:

In the most gentle and supportive way possible, these practices accelerate the natural flow of de- and re-structuring in life. It is not coaching, advice, analysis, or "how to live", but the systematic breakdown of limitations - a taste of life unfolding without limit. As far as I know, this is Health.